1. O… M… G…

    On the one hand… SO AWFUL!

    On the other hand…

    “He loves me when I waste my time by writing silly songs!”

    All that, plus you HAVE to consider the time period.

    Still… When I hear stuff like this I have to remember what my mentor Dr. David Horton said. He found himself “always looking for God’s ‘New Thing.'” He told me that he realized it [God’s ‘New Thing’] had become an idol to him when God rebuked him and told him, “Do not despise ANYTHING I have used.”

    If God has used this, I can’t despise it.

    Make fun of it? Point out it’s silliness? I hope that’s ok, though. :-D

  2. gadget00

    it has a pretty catchy tune…LOL

    I don’t know, but seems/sounds appropiate for the time it appeared(unless it’s like the 80’s or 90’s).

    Where are they now? Interesting material for some ‘Behind the Music’ documentary


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