People of Uncommon: Scott Sandmeyer

The following post was submitted by Sandy Sandmeyer about her husband, Scott.

The person I know with uncommon faith is my husband, Scott. In 2006, my family became tired of listening to politics and compromises from the pulpit of a denominational church. We had been attending the same church for 20 years. I met and married Scott there, we baptized our son there, we were in leadership there. My mom and I sat down and made a short list of churches that we wanted to visit. One church that we both brought up was always busy, there were always cars there. It had something and we were curious. We were saved; actually 5 of us were, but not our 12 year old son, who got saved a year later. We needed something that would cater to youth, seniors, and us. We decided to go that that church first and 4 years later, were still there in leadership and very active.

This church taught from the Bible. We actually carry our Bibles to church every week. We attend church on Wednesday nights, too. We used to go Sunday nights until those services were cut back. This church has made us examine our relationship with Christ and we saw that it was severely lacking. More like visiting a relative once a year rather than a best friend communicating every day. I tell you this to set up what happened just over a year ago.

My husband, an honest, hardworking person, a person with great integrity, a good leader, was accused of something that was something he never did or said. He told his boss’ secretary about an incident that was occurring at the office and the secretary relayed the story to her boss wrong. She changed a word and it totally blew the incident out of proportion. My husband was disciplined so harshly, so severely. He was told to sign a document waiving his right to appeal the punishment, be demoted, and take a pay cut or he could be terminated and he could appeal the punishment with an attorney. He contacted a union representative for assistance and even they said that my husband had no recourse.

Through all of this, my husband, back in the Word because of our being in this new church and were being taught and feed well, immersed himself in the Word. He forgave the people involved. He was an encouragement to those of us that were still spinning from this injustice. And through this test, because that’s what this was to him, he and I were promoted as deacons in the church and we were called to lead a Sunday morning class for the newly saved. He feels that God is calling him to be prepared for a position in ministry and we’ll be starting school this January. His faith and his actions have drawn me closer in my relationship with Jesus. He has had the opportunity to minister to his coworkers. He’s lead coworkers in Bible study and brought them to church. He’s showing faithfulness with our finances and we’ve never even missed the money we lost in the demotion.

My husband could have taken this attack on his integrity personally and gotten wrapped up in himself and his sorrow. The old Scott would have done that. This could have wrecked our family. Instead, we are stronger. Our mission is slowly showing itself and we’re taking steps to prepare for our future in the ministry. Our 21 year marriage is stronger and better than it’s ever been. We have be so blessed by this episode; something so devastating, but God took and made beautiful.


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  1. Sandra Snow

    What an amazing story! Many people claim to be Christians, children of God, but few live life the way our Heavenly Father intended. Scott Sandmeyer has been called by our Lord to join in the ministry, to be a disciple of Christ our Lord, because of that uncommon faith,and other qualities I’m sure. Praise God! And thank you Sandy Sandmeyer, for sharing this story of faith!


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