2 Elementary Leadership Principles

I’m pretty young.
I don’t have a ton of experience behind me.
I haven’t been through all the wars yet.


I have been through some.
Some really tough ones.

Here are 2 leadership principles that are really kind of elementary,
but that we often forget.

1. The People Matter.

There are no exceptions. When leading anything or anyone, the people matter. They matter because they are the ones that are often on the front lines. They matter because leadership is about people. Pouring into them. Loving them. Caring for them. Building authentic relationships with them. At first, it may seem like manipulation may be more effective than genuine love. But, people eventually see through manipulation. People want genuine love, genuine care. Focus on the people. Focus on the people in your family. Focus on the people in your ministry. Focus on the people in small group. The people are what matter. They have a soul. They have a need. Transfomational leadership is always more effective than manipulative leadership.

2. The Plan Matters.

I’ve yet to meet a leader that didn’t have a plan that I cared anything about following. The plan must be pursued.  Whether the plan is growth, improvement, or a particular project, the plan matters. It is impossible to follow someone consistently that has no clue where they are going (trust me). Have a plan. Sure, plans change. Sure, the Spirit leads. But, the plan matters. Without making the plan matter, we become wanderers, not leaders.

So, your turn.
Help a youngun’ out.

What basic leadership principles are easy to overlook?


  1. Jonathan, you are right on point with both. However, never let the plan override the people it’s meant to serve. Sometimes we get so caught up in the plan and making sure the plan will work that we lose sight of the fact that maybe it’s not the best plan for the people.


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