Leaders Lead


Leaders are followed.

Leaders make decisions.

Leaders demonstrate the right way.

Leaders step out first.

Leaders dare to be different.

Leaders set themselves apart.

Leaders aren’t afraid of crunch time.

Leaders don’t follow the crowd.

Leaders don’t always choose easy.

Leaders choose right over popular.

Leaders are willing to invest in people.

It sounds simple.
It sounds obvious.
But it seems a lot of us have forgotten,
Leaders MUST be willing to be different.

It’s hard to take the lead and be the same as everyone else.

Leaders – lead!


  1. Candace Crethers

    I’m realising that much of my ‘Leadership Identity’ was tied to my place and position, rather than a commissioning from God…Waiting to see how He’s going to use me in a new place—definitely not easy, but one of the ‘perks’ of being a forerunner :) Thanks for the post!


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