What’s On Your Pizza?

Since Pizza Hut started their any pizza for $10 special, Melissa and I have been eating pizza a lot more often.

We always have to place a special order…

On my half, I get peperoni and jalapeno peppers.

On Melissa’s half, she gets peperoni and bell peppers.

Which brings me to my question of the day…

What do you like on your pizza?


  1. Ja

    Depends on where I’m getting the pizza. Pizza Hut is definitely the supreme. Papa John’s…standard Pepperoni & mushroom. Cici’s…Pepperoni & jalapeno.

  2. If I’m getting pizza at the local pizzeria (Little Italy, St Petersburg, FL) then I like just cheese or cheese/pepperoni. They make awesome New York style pizza and since I’m a New Englander, this is my favorite.

    If I order it for delivery, I call Dominos, because their new pizza is pretty good. I like just cheese on that one.

    If I go to Pizza Hut, then I like mushroom, onion, extra cheese, and lite sauce on my Personal Pan Pizza or thin veggie lovers minus black olives on my large that I share with my husband.

  3. I’m from the Northeast, where real pizza exists. Unfortunately, I don’t live up there at the moment. But when I am, it’s one to five toppings on my pizza. And usually it’s mushrooms. To be specific, canned mushrooms. They are much better on a pizza than the fresh mushrooms that the pizza chains put on their pizza. Better taste, and they don’t get as dry. Mushrooms, onions, green peppers are great toppings for pizza, along with sausage and pepperoni.

  4. My favorite is pepperoni, black olives and mushrooms though I usually have to settle for just pepperoni thanks to picky kiddos. I also like supreme with all the meats and veggies. I have a good friend who likes that too so we always order a supreme for us when we eat together.

  5. Real Italian pizza like the kind we got where my family comes from in Italy, just straight-up Margherita pizza rules… that’s just tomato slices or sauce, the actual fresh mozzarella cheese (none of that grated stuff), basil leaves, and a swirl of extra virgin olive oil, and that’s it. There’s nothing better. :-) On American pizza, it has to be sausage, mushrooms, and extra cheese.. :-)


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