Sleeping without Living

Do we know the win?

Do we know the goal?

Do we know what success looks like?

It’s really easy for us to go through the motions…

of life,
of ministry.

It’s really easy for us to get up every morning, put our clothes on, walk out the door, and get another pay check.


If that’s all it is to us,
we’ve missed the point.

A lot of people are sleep walking their way through life,
sleep walking their way through ministry,
sleep walking their way through leadership.

While they may be somewhat comfortable,
they never wake up to the reality of their real purpose.

They’ve forgotten the goal,
they’ve forgotten what the end result of their hard work really is.

The result of these people’s actions really isn’t a lot.

Sure, they make money, accomplish tasks, and even feel like their doing what they’re supposed to do from time to time.

But in the end,
they’ve forgotten the true calling that God has on their life.

They’ve lost the enthusiasm and the zeal that they once had to make a difference and to lead people to Christ.

I think a lot of us fit into the boat too often.

Truth is,
The end result is bigger than ourselves.

The goal to life,
one lived with a call from God,
is to help people find Him.
To help people grow in Him.

That’s the call of a Christian.

If we simply go through the motions of life and ministry all the while forgetting what the win really looks like, we will never have it.

I’m gonna try to live with the purpose in mind.
I’m gonna do all I can to minister to people with a real goal at the forefront of my mind.

How about you?

In your life.
In your job.
In your family.
In your ministry.


  1. I’m with you bro’. Some much of this has been on my heart as well. As we head towards total abandonment in Him we become so much more alive!

    “I have chosen the way of truth; I have set my heart on your laws.” Psalm 119:30 NIV

  2. Cory McDonald

    Very challenging blog Jonathan. Thank you very much for it. Like what April said it makes you stop and evaluate your walk in Christ and whether you’re doing what you should be doing according to God’s word.


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