Never Let Apathy Win

The greatest threat facing the local church isn’t from any outside source, but rather the sheer apathy of those inside the church.

I’ve made this statement several times over the last few days.

I really believe that churches today are filled with people just going through the motions of church and the Christian life.

Some of us have been raised in church, we know it as “the right thing to do,” but have quit believing that it can have any real impact on us or the world.

Others have been sitting in churches so long, that they’ve lost their desire to be sold out to the cause.

The result?

We’ve made church about something we attend rather than something we are.
We’ve made church about surviving rather than thriving.
We’ve made church about maintaining ground rather than conquering ground for Christ.

The stakes are high for the church.
Life and death are truly at stake.
Our spiritual growth and  effectiveness are hanging in the balance.

We can’t continue to let apathy be our reason for decline.
We must make new ground.
We must be willing to adapt and blaze new trails.

Don’t let apathy overcome effectiveness.


  1. (24) “Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. (25) But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. Matthew 13: 24-25

    The enemy doesn’t always want to take us head on; he’s willing to fight a war of attrition, waiting for us to fall asleep. Apathy is like falling asleep and it allows the enemy to plant seeds that we really don’t want to harvest!

    I know I have been wrestling with this thought…”IF I believe Hell is real…that what am I doing to warn people?”

    Apathy will drown those thoughts out…can’t let that happen…the cost is too great.

    Thanks for shaking us this morning bro’

    1. That’s a huge ‘IF” for many people. It really does come down to putting our mouth where our money is (so to speak). We can’t be apathetic about something that we’re willing to place our eternal hopes in. Thanks man!

  2. Great thoughts … I think many Christians are in preservationist mode rather than expansion mode. Those two often collide in churches… and preservationists (who appear safe, rational, and pious) often win.


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