Passion: Catch It

My South Carolina Gamecocks (well, I say “my”, but I don’t own em or play for em) won the College World Series last night.

Living fairly close to Columbia SC, I’ve gotten a chance to experience the celebration first hand.

With the local sports radio station phone lines ringing off the hook from callers wanting to celebrate and talk about their Gamecocks and with what I’ve read online, I have come to a conclusion…

Passion is contagious.

No matter what you’re passionate about, passion breeds passion.

If people (myself included) can get excited and passionate about a sport, how much more should our passion be with the things that matter.

How much more passionate should we be about our faith?
How much more passionate should we be about eternal life?
How much more passionate should we be that God offers free grace?

If you’re passionate about something, let it show.
If you’re passionate, go at it with all you have.

Passion is contagious, who’s catching yours?


  1. AMEN!

    I really have a problem with Christian sport fans because of this… I know, I know and I’m praying about it…

    But come on, what would happen if we put the same amount of energy into our “faith” as we put into rooting for our favorite team?

    Just please, no bare bellies and face paint in the choir loft!

    1. As an avid sports fan, I have to admit, I’m guilty from time to time. I guess we lose sight of the eternal and focus on the temporal sometimes…

      BTW: Thanks for the idea. :)

  2. I think it’s easier to be passionate about Sports teams because people believe in sports teams…I’d be curious to see how many Christians, really truly believe the Gospel…I mean, if they did, wouldn’t they be more transformed? Wouldn’t we see the kind of transformation that Paul writes about in Romans? I don’t know. I think we’ve taken the power out of the Gospel and did exactly what the Galtians did…made it our own to earn…

  3. Like Dusty said I really have a problem with Christian sport fans too because they are so passionate over a game match or something like that that will take them to nowhere and some of them has no idea of purpose or even what Jesus and his Kingdom is all about!


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