Come On Now

Last Friday, I went to get my eyes checked for the first time in…
too long!

As I was getting fitted for glasses and getting checked out, the lady at the front desk noticed my occupation.

She was asking me a little about it and then said something that’s been stirring in me since I heard it…

“I don’t go to church, I do believe in God. A pastor told me a few days ago that in order for me to know Jesus, I need to have a good understanding of the Bible and what was happening in history at the time it was written.”


Are there really people out there that believe that?

Are there really people leading our churches and people that believe that Jesus is really that hard to accept?

After thinking through this a little, I’ve come to this conclusion…

The more I learn about the Bible and Jesus, the more simple I realize it really is.

Sure, studying scripture is always a good thing.
It helps you know your faith better and helps us glean wisdom that can only come for in-depth study.

But, to know Jesus, it only takes one thing…

That’s it.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.

Please don’t make following Christ about anything but what Jesus has done for you!

(Of course, I cleared this up with the lady that asked the question. No, she didn’t accept Jesus, but I think she got closer.) :-)


  1. Grace is so simple, but so many think it has to be harder or they have to do something. A while ago my pastor said something that really stuck with me…

    Grace isn’t spelled DO. Nor is it spelled DO NOT. It’s spelled DONE.

    Love did it all. And I’m mighty thankful!

  2. Zee

    yup… people tend to complicated things for themselves… for me the best example of that were 613 commandments in Israel – all God wanted is love (towards Him, towards others, and towards ourselves) and instead we decided to focus on details… *shrug* gotta admit that’s my problem most of the time – i try not to complicate things for others, yet for some reason the standards i set for myself are way higher (pride, maybe? no idea)…


    p.s. i came over from Michael Perkins’ blog :) just fyi :)


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