5 Things You Don’t Really Need to Know

Here are 5 quick things about myself that you don’t really need to know, but I feel like sharing. I hope this gives you a little bit more of an idea into who I am;

1. I always ask for a to-go cup when I leave restaurants.

I don’t know how this started, but I always ask for a drink to take with me when I leave a restaurant. I’m kind of a cheap person, so maybe this is just my way of getting my money’s worth…

2. I’m actually a pretty quiet person.

I love people and I love talking to people, but I have to have some quiet time on occasion too. It kind of recharges me to better interact with people.

3. I enjoy shopping.

I really enjoy shopping for some stuff. I know it’s not an extremely manly thing to admit, but it’s something that I enjoy.

4. I am an avid sports fan.

My two favorite sports are South Carolina Gamecock football and Atlanta Braves baseball. I plan vacations and meals around these teams. I also am a fan of just about any other sport or team that happens to be on TV. Heck, I even watch the replays the next day on occasion.

5. I want to help change the world.

It’s my calling and my passion. Jesus is still into saving people and God still desires to have people be reconciled to Him. The Church will prevail. I want to be a part of that. Seriously, whatever it takes!

Tell us, what’s one interesting (or surprising) fact about you??


  1. I actually hate shopping. I didn’t get the “girl’s shopping gene” when they were handing them out. I am an introvert, which surprises everyone when I tell them because I talk a lot and I’m loud, but I prefer to work by myself and be responsible for my own stuff. I want to change the world, too, which explains why we clicked. Good stuff, Jonathan! Thanks for sharing. I think I’ll write one of these article, too, and be a copy-cat. :o)

  2. I have a knack for all things networking. Computer networking that is. Routers, hubs, switches, firewalls, Internet security. The funny thing is you would never know this about me.

  3. Michele

    I think the to go cup is a smart idea. :) I bring a water bottle with me everywhere I go. Something about me huh? I love to help others draw closer to Jesus and grab hold of the freedom that He provides.

  4. I don’t even know which ONE to share. Lol. I can sing in front of millions but if I tried to speak in front of millions, I’d freeze up.

  5. Ron Adey

    Little old ladies hate me. They say mean things to me. They have thrown rocks and marbles at me. Little old ladies have cut in front of me in lines, pushed me into hot grills, spilled coffee on me, hit me with hot oil. And, if that is not bad enough they then laugh about it afterwards.

  6. lance wright

    I actually weep a lot! I pour tears out at certain times of the day when I think about God and his love for me and others. Most of the times the most peaceful moments for me are these times.

  7. Okay here goes another one. I hate to end up on an off number at the gas pump. If my gas is 20.12 cents, I have to pump it to like 20.15 and if it jumps to 20.16, I have to just get to 20.20. I know, I know :-)


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