Your Dream Vacation Awaits!

My wife and I are trying to make some vacation plans.

We don’t have kids (yet), so we can pretty much go wherever we want.
Let me rephrase that….
We can go anywhere within our price range that we want.

So, I’ve got one question for you today…

If you could go anywhere on vacation this year, where would you go?

Price isn’t an obstacle,
Length and time off of work isn’t an obstacle,
Finding someone to keep the kids isn’t an obstacle.

Where are you going?


  1. well we are getting ready to visit family in St. Louis and Wichita Ks, but that isn’t necessarily a dream.

    We would like to go to the Caribbean. Just the two of us.

  2. I would do a driving vacation (in a convertible, of course!) to touch at the National Parks at Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and Yosemite (as well as others on the way), but I would take our 17 year old son, because it would be a vacation of a lifetime and our time with him is growing short since he’ll eventually move out and start his own life. I’d like to take a whole month and really see our country.

  3. Right now I’d have to say South Africa, but that is all because it’s world cup time. Otherwise it’s somewhere in Europe I think: London, Scotland, Rome, the Rhine valley

    Bit I’d gladly take a vacation to California to see family.

  4. Michele

    There are so many places, but I’ll say an Alaskan cruise tops the list. My daughter would be included. I can’t imagine not sharing that with her.

  5. Tracy Cook

    aaaahhhhhh! just contemplating this is so peaceful! if it were my husband, we would be in new york. we would shop all day, and the nights would be filled with all of the best fine dining resturants and theatre shows you can cram in. me, though that sounds like fun, my ideal vacation is a bit different. i would love to go to an island where you can visit beaches that are not packed with tourists, and yet there are still tons of acities to do in the off time from the beach. my mornings would be spent on the beach walking up and down the shore. the days would be split between swimming, shark’s teeth/shell finding, and just good ole playing in the sand with the boys. the evening would be spent having fun anyway we wanted……put-put, eating out, anything. and to wrap it up, i would end each night on a blanket, listening to music (or not), watching the shooting stars (which seem to never stop in the night beach sky). now that is just off the top of my head (lol). i can give it some more thought, and get back to you….lol

    how about you guys?

  6. Well, we do have kids and I would have to say my dream vacation would be to take our almost 20 yr old daughter(June 25) to Germany…where she was born and lived her first 5 mo of life. Neu-Ulm, Germany.
    We were there as newlyweds from ’89-’91…he was PFC in Army so not much money and I became pregnant just 4 mo after landing in country. So, very little money, his unit was Pershing missile and they were rescinding so his only ‘vacation’ while there was after I had our daughter!
    I would love to take her and show her where she was born, along the banks of the Danube River (Donau, seriously!) and our HUGE basement apt. Would love to ride the train through the Black Forest and visit St. Peter’s in Munich again…she was 3 mo when we did it and her eyes filled with so much wonder at all the color and ‘bigness’ of the place!
    Well, she goes to college this fall and her sister will be a Jr in high school so definitely a dream vacation!!!
    Whatever you do, enjoy!!!

  7. Your Favorite Indiana Cousin

    Charleston of course with Mom, Dad, Courtney, Juliet, Al, and the boys. Where else would you go?? (I guess you and Melissa could come too. It’ll just be really cramped in that apartment).



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