You May Be A Tweet-addict If….

And now, 10 signs you may be addicted to Twitter…

1. You’ve begun to refer to your personal friends as @ ________________
As in, “Hey, @JonathanPearson, whatcha doing?”

2. You can remember your friends’ Twitter username, but genuinely have trouble remembering their actual name.

3. You often add #justsayin to your personal conversations.
As in, “That shirt you have on doesn’t match those shorts, #justsayin.”

4. You actually find self worth in the number of Twitter followers you have.
Your mood actually changes when you notice you’ve lost followers.

5. You take a second to check your Twitter stream when you go to the bathroom during the night.

6. You have more than 6 Twitter apps on your phone.

7. Your spouse is beginning to wonder if it’s actually possible for you to cheat on them with Twitter.

8. You tweet more Bible verses than you actually read.

9. You know more about what your Twitter followers do than what your children do.

10. You occasionally remember the days before Twitter and refer to them as “the dark years.”

Anything you’d add to the list?
Do you show any of these signs?


  1. Bob Willits

    I know as much about the kids of tweeting pastors as I do about my own pastors kids. Chandler, Driscoll, Pete Wilson, Bleecker, Matt Redmond, jarred Wilson….

      1. Bob Willits

        Yea, I met Chandler at a conference last month and we had time to chat. I was asking him about his family & I felt the same way you just described.

  2. Pat Ng

    You stopped for a moment right after u said “I do” to tweet “Just married!”, and then proceeded to kiss the bride.

  3. You know youre a twitter addict when:

    1. You go to do #FF mentions and you know the SN of all the ppl u wabnt to mention without having to look

    2. You go to google and search using #

    3. You add # to your Facebook Status’

    4. You update your status every 2-3 minutes of every waking hour

    5. You keep your twitter window open at work all day (GUILTY!)


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