5 Reasons I Tweet

I dove head first into Twitter a few months ago.
Since then, I’ve really gained an appreciation for the opportunities that social media provides.

Here are the top 5 reasons  why I give my time to Twitter…

1. I’m able to impact the lives of people I would have never been able to meet without it.

Twitter has allowed me to have conversations with, email correspondance with, and phone conversations with people that are all around the world. Without Twitter, I would have never been able to give these people an encouraging word or open their curiosity to Christ.

2. I’m impacted by people that I would have never have had a chance to meet without Twitter.

The things that I learn and the insights that I gain while reading through my Twitter stream are inspiring, educational, and thought provoking. I can honestly say that I’ve learned more on Twitter than in some seminary classes. :)

3. It teaches me to write and think with clarity.

When you’re limited to 140 characters in a statement, you have to be brief and clear. The person reading my tweet probably has never met me and has no idea how I think or what I’m like. I have to be crystal clear when tweeting so I’m not misunderstood. It’s helped me think and speak clearly consistently.

4. Connecting with people helps me think through things.

Sometimes, I have to talk my way through thoughts and ideas. I’ve tweeted a brief thought and been able to get a better picture of the throught through the discussion it’s caused on Twitter.

5. The relationships I form.

I’ve met some great people on Twitter. These are people that, 5 years ago, I would have never been able to know. In fact, I sometimes begin to feel like I actually know some of the people I follow.

So, why do you tweet?


  1. JP, I like your thoughts on this subject. I agree that Twitter (and not just Twitter, but Social Media as a whole) is a great place to meet people you’d never meet otherwise. When you’re surrounded at work and home by people who know Jesus, sometimes it’s hard to find time to build relationships with people who don’t.

    Through Social Media I’ve met persons (both Christ-followers and non) from Australia, from Chicago and from within my own city. I’ve met people with very different beliefs, which is something I wasn’t getting before. I’m loving it!

    I use Twitter and Facebook and Foursquare to network with peers, to build relationships and witness to people who don’t follow Christ, and to stay in touch with family.

    I think more of us need to write posts like yours. We need to step back and think about the tools we’re using and why. Thanks for some great thoughts Jonathan :)

  2. I started out of curiosity. After blogging for about a year, I saw a lot about Twitter. Once I did it I fell in love. Being able to connect with people from all over the world is such an awesome thing. I love that I can share what God is doing in my life though something as simple as a 140 character post.

    Good stuff Bro!

  3. Mel Rogers

    I agree wholeheartedly with your comments Jonathan. I have found Twitter to provde a global opportunity to spread the message of salvation to anyone and everyone. anywhere. There are no boundaries. The chance to share with folk who we probably will never meet this side of Heaven is simply remarkable. Twitter is an excellent evangelistic tool which more Christians should be utilising to its fullest potential. We can pray, counsel, console, encourage, inform, teach, instruct and so on, those on our twitter stream and they can do the same for us. May we use this tool to bring glory and honour to the name of Jesus.

  4. I have been blessed by the tweeps I follow. Not only do their tweets encourage me but also challenge my thinking. I’ve met some really awesome people who I am proud to call my friends. Our bond goes beyond cyberspace. A few of us are playing a tweet-up in June – looking so forward to that!

    Twitter has been an awesome tool for me to connect with people i wouldn’t normally communicate with – from India to New Zealand, from the shores of Samoa to the Swiss Alps.

    It has also been a great tool to witness to unbelievers and to encourage new believers.


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