Struggle with Them


Everyone has them.

Some people deny them.
Some people accept them.
Some people battle them.

Some people never lose them.
Some people overcome them.

Some people are open about them.
Some people are private with them.

No matter what category you fall under, you struggle with them.

The only way to overcome them is to…

Admit them.
Pray about them.
Fight them.
Learn from them.

What do you struggle with?
What are you doing with them?


  1. I’m struggling right now with God’s “Plan B” for my life. I’m thankful, but broken about it. And I’m not afraid of talking about it. I’m finding that sometimes there is as much healing in the telling as there is in the hearing.

  2. I’m dealing with the realization that God never promised us a rose garden or that we wouldn’t have struggles. He never promised that our life on earth would be comfortable. His promise is to provide our needs and to be with us along the journey to victory.

  3. MB

    I struggle with lots of things and I feel I’m pretty open about them…probably too much..LOL. I guess that is why God created blogging..


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