Tasty or Repulsive?

I’ve been seeing this “sandwich” being advertised on TV for the past couple of weeks.
It seems that KFC has gotten mad at the bun and decided to use their chicken breasts as a replacement.
In between the two chicken breasts is a couple of pieces of bacon and a couple of pieces of cheese.
It’s a total of 34 fat grams and 400 calories of melted meat.

At first this kind of grossed me out.
Now, I think I may have to brave KFC to give it a try.

So, for you…

Does this look…


Have you tried this? Your impressions?


  1. Ashley Lanoue

    Not for me…however, my 12 year old son, Davis, can hardly wait to try it! W/O the cheese or anything else that may come on it if possible. He only orders the chicken breast every where we go now. And, my 5 year old son, Spencer, (almost 6) eats the bread.

    So, I guess it will work for us, however…we still have to wait and see if it will be any good.

    Ashley Lanoue

  2. MB

    So exactly how do you eat it if it doesn’t have a bun? you put your hands on the greasy chicken…gross. And ok, I must admit that it somewhat looks good, but if I ate that I’d kick myself for 2 weeks. 400 calories. Wow. that seems hardly worth it. Although, my fav drink at Starbucks is that much but it contains chocolate. I’d rather have chocolate. LOL

  3. Bob

    Repulsive. It’d be funny if on the commercial they had an actor say “I’m cutting down on bread – so I ordered one of these!!”

  4. It’s gross. No doubt about it.


    Here’s the thing: If you put that IN a bun smeared with mayo, add a lettuce leaf and slice of tomato, and a couple of pickles – I wouldn’t think twice about it. I would be like, “wow – that is a damn big chicken sandwich.” And then I would eat it.

    And it would have MORE fat, MORE calories, and MORE general girthyness than what is being presented now.

    Weird, huh.

    Don’t get me wrong; It’s still disgusting…. but, yeah, I’d try it.

  5. I would definitely be trying it out…ummm errr solely for the purpose of science lol The only thing i’m afraid of is that the double down i purchase will not look as appetizing as the one in the pic :(

    There are about 576 calories in a Big Mac and about 670 calories in a whopper.

  6. Hm… that looks like something I would only try as a one-shot deal, never to eat another one ever again. And even then, I’d have to wait until I’ve had a “good week” as far as maintaining my weight so that the damage would be minimal. Last year, I lost 62lbs, and as of Easter, it’s been officially 1 year that I’ve kept it all off… and my butt in size 0 jeans… so things like that, I would recommend leaving them for very special occasions. X-)

  7. It looks completely repulsive. I’m sure at some point I may possibly try it, but I probably won’t tell anybody. The Double Down should come with a coupon for a future triple bypass.


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