Me on Criticism: How to Respond

If you spend any time doing anything significant, you’re going to develop your share of critics.
Some will actually provide criticism that builds you up, but others won’t.
Some have no intentions except for bad intentions.
They’re single goal is to make everyone around them as miserable as possible (probably because misery loves company).
Here’s a lesson I’ve learned in my short life about a destructive critic…
Our response can be:
New Motivation
If we choose to get bitter at the critic, they win.
If we choose to get motivated because of the critic, everyone else wins.
  • When we choose motivation, we win because we have a new desire for God’s work.
  • When we choose motivation, the people around us win because we have a new desire to serve.
  • When we choose motivation, our church/organization/family wins because we have a renewed passion.
Bitterness or motivation,
What do you choose?
What have you found that helps you take the right approach to criticism?

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