3 Things To Do When You’re Waiting For Something to Do

I was reading through a story a few days ago that I must have read a hundred times before.
It’s the calling of the disciples.
As I was reading, I jotted these notes down about the passage
1.God calls us when we’re acting on what we know to do.
God never wants you to just sit still and take up space until He reveals something huge for you to do. God expects us to be doing what He’s already given us to do. It’s then that God will call us to the next place. Be working what you have until He gives you something new.
2.Sometimes, faithfulness to God means abandoning the good for the Godly.
James and John were doing the work they knew to do. It was good work. It was a family business. There wasn’t a thing wrong with the fishing business, but Jesus had bigger things plan. The old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Here’s a new one, “It may be good, but it ain’t God’s.”
3.People don’t mind you talking, it’s action that gets them stirred up.
Jesus had been around this point for about 30 years or so. He had spoken in the temple, but He never caused a stir until He started acting on it. If you take the step of obedience God calls you to take, you’re going to cause some waves. If you’re fulfilling the plan of God, the positive and the negative will be heard.
For you, what’s the toughest part about following the call of God?
What’s God been calling you to do? Are you doing what you know in the meantime?

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