1. Shana

    Personally, I prefer home brewed, but that's so I can doctor it just the way I want. I suppose for me, my fave bought coffee is Seven-Eleven classic. Hey… I'm cheap…

  2. Janel

    I agree with Shana. I get my favorite coffee from THE HOUSE!!! MMMMM. 2nd is the budget-dreaded Sbux. I'll take a frappucino or a caramel vanilla latte from there any weekend I've worked at least 2 hours OT as a reward lol.

  3. greg.

    i mostly brew my own coffee at home (i prefer green mountain), but i used to buy my coffee almost every day. and as a person who has had his fair share of starbucks, i can say with full confidence that in a taste test, dunkin' donuts would crush starbucks. i don't mean that 51 out of a hundred people would pick it. i mean something more like 85 out of a hundred. it is, quite simply, BETTER. i have learned that one of the main draws of starbucks is the FEEL it gives the buyer…a kind of trendy coolness warming your hand, like carrying around a badge of worthiness that says, "look at me, i sip skinny lattes from starbucks – i'm cool!" but meanwhile, what it's really saying is, "i just shelled out 5 bucks that i'll never get back for some really over-roasted acidic coffee."

    then there is dunkin donuts. and i'm not referring to the donuts here, just the dunkin. it is divine. the nectar of the heavens. it is rich and full but not overroasted like starbucks. it is unparalleled in my opinion, which leads me to my only concern about The Dunk: that they are pumping some kind of illegal taste-inducing drug into that stuff. does america run on dunkin' because we're all hooked on some secret ingredient? i wonder. but, in the end, i don't really care. it is superior to starbucks in the way that a van gogh is superior to a framed print in your hotel room. the hotel room painting looks nice enough, but it isn't real.


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