Drive-Thru Tragedy

I don’t like drive-thrus…

I guess I’ve gone through too many and left thinking, “It would have been quicker if I had just gone in.”

Melissa likes drive-thrus…

I guess she’s gone in too many times and left thinking, “The drive-thru would’ve been quicker.

So, last Sunday Melissa and I were craving a milkshake from a slow fast food establishment.
Having just eaten lunch and frozen our noses off getting in the car, we decided to go through the drive-thru.
(Isn’t it crazy how you want ice cream during the winter?)

Everything was going well until…
We got to the pick up window.

At the pick up window, I’m pretty sure the idea is to pick up your food and be on your way…
Not this one.

At this pickup window it seems as if the idea was to listen to an employees conversation with another employee and then have your food thrown AT you.

After seeing our milkshake sitting on the counter while we listened to a two minute conversation about fingernail painting, a lady finally decided to allow us to have our milkshake.

It wasn’t a pleasant experience.
It wasn’t an awful experience.
It was a conformation experience…
Don’t go through the drive-thru.

And, it gives me some amunition the next time Melissa says, “Hey, let’s just go through the drive-thru.”

Do you usually go through drive-thrus?
Have you decided that it’s better to just go in?



  1. Rick

    I’m with you. Aside from the gas wasted waiting (at $2.79 a gallon, I’m a conservationist), there always seems to be someone in front of me who wants to change or add to their order once they reach the window. Or they wait until they stop in front of the window to start finding their money. If I let them, they disturb my peace. Unless there is a bus in the parking lot, it is ALWAYS better to go inside.

  2. People who don’t care about their work should be fired. Of course, that would mean that pretty much all fast food restaurants would have to close, since I can’t even remember the last time I met a fast food employee who cared.


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