What’s the Real Goal?

Consistently create encore experiences that enrich lives one person at a time.

If I were to give you a guess as to who the above mission statement belongs to, I doubt you would ever get it right.
  • It’s not a gym.
  • It’s not a country club.
  • It’s not a store.
  • It’s not a theater.
  • It’s not a church.
This mission statement belongs to Zaxby’s Restaurants.
It seems as if Zaxby’s is concerned enough with their product, results, and guests to have a mission to deliver.
If asked, I doubt that any of the Zaxby’s leadership would ever say that while this is their mission statement, they are perfectly comfortable with creating ordinary experiences with the hope that some may return after their initial visit.
My question…
Would this be an honest mission statement of most churches?
  • Do we seek to be a place where all feel welcome?
  • Do we demand excellence in everything we do?
  • Is our desire to provide services that have people wanting more?
  • Are we consistently striving to be better?
  • Are we getting results?
  • Are lives and eternities changed forever through what we do?
Just something to think about…

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