What’s Your Response?

Luke 2:17 When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child,

The shepherds had just witnessed the most amazing event in human history. Nothing in the course of human history had been as important as seeing Christ…nothing has been as important since.
Notice the shepherds’ response to the situation…..
  • They didn’t see the child and hurry off back to their sheep.
  • They didn’t ignore the child and get back to him when they had the time.
  • They didn’t keep the news about Jesus to themselves.
  • They didn’t vote to decide who would be the one to tell others.
  • They didn’t develop a committee to decide the best way to spread the word.
  • They didn’t even take up an offering so they could fund someone else to tell the news.
Instead, they….
  • Spread the word about Christ
  • Didn’t care who they saw, they were going to tell.
  • Didn’t see Christ and keep Him to themselves.
  • Didn’t keep the good news to themselves because they thought they were now to good to talk to others.
  • Knew that what they had seen could change every one’s life.
So, they shared the word.
Who are you sharing the word with?
Are you so busy living life that you fail to spread the word that changes every one’s everything?

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