The Difference with Men & Women

Recently, I’ve begun to allow my wife to cut my hair. I’ve decided that it’s just hair, if she messes up…it’ll grow back.

However, for years I went some where to get my haircut. The most I ever payed to have my hair follicles snipped was $13.
At the same time, my wife (Melissa) went a few days ago to get her hairs trimmed and it was a whopping $60. (This isn’t her picture…she’s much better lookin!)
Which brings me to my point…
Is it really that much tougher to cut a woman’s mop than a man’s?
I realize that women folk often like to let their frizzies grow so that when they fling their head to the side in disgust it gets in their face, but come on…is the extra length really worth $45 for the person trimming it? (I’m thinkin‘ NO)
I think I’m going to suggest to Melissa that she cut her own hair from now on…hey, she does a fine job on mine (I guess…).
What’s the most you would be willing to pay to have your hair did?
And yeah, I know that is not the only difference with men and women. :)

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