I Can’t Help But Believe

I can’t help but believe…

  • That God has a plan for my life.
  • That God wants to use His Church to help save the world.
  • That God calls those that He wishes to be pastors so that they can carry out His vision.
  • That God looks on the way many churches are ran and wonders where they got the idea.
  • That God looks on many local churches and wonders where they get their calling.
  • That God looks to the heart of His people.
  • That it disturbs Him that Christians look at the outward appearance of His people.
  • That God loves those that are obedient.
  • That God’s grace will never run out.
  • That God’s call for unity among the Church has never been obeyed.
  • That much of the local church will go to hell.
  • That the time has never been greater for a world-wide revival.
  • That our generation is searching for a transformation truth, but they must be told.
  • That our best days are ahead of us.
  • That Christ is closer to returning today than ever before.
  • That God looks on me and sees the perfection of Christ rather than the sinfulness of me.
  • That God’s calling on my life is so huge it would terrify me to know all of it.
  • That God wants to use you.
  • That God’s won the victory…now we’re just running up the score.

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