Lazy Parenting

When did it become good parenting to punish a child by not allowing them to be involved in church activities?
Now, I know that I’m not a parent, but this seems a little strange to me.
Parents punish kids for bad behavior by holding them out of the one thing in life that tries to teach them GOOD behavior.
Jesus leads to repentance and change…as a parent, isn’t that the ultimate goal of discipline?
The church teaches the LIFE CHANGING message of Christ. If the church chooses to do it in a way in which your child may have fun…be happy, don’t punish them by it. There are much better ways to punish.
It seems like priorities and what’s really important is often revealed through the way that parents punish their children. The things that are most important to the parent are usually off limits when punishing.
If anyone can explain how this is good parenting (not lazy parenting), please comment and let me know.
Thanks for letting me get that off of my chest! :-)

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