Where’d The Time Go?

I’m not perfect (some of you that know me may be in shock right now :-). I mess up constantly in life. I let my flesh get the best of me at times. Recently, though, I’ve begun to realize that one of the most commons times I fail to be who God wants me to be is with my time.

Now, I’m not talking about the amount of time I spend reading my Bible or in prayer…I’m talking about giving Him time to work on me.
I’m not any busier than any other person reading this blog, but I often don’t give God time to work in me and through me. I don’t give God time when….
  • I’m alone.
  • I’m searching for answers.
  • The game’s on.
  • I’m uncomfortable.
  • I’m in a hurry.
  • I’m around hurting people.
  • He’s calling me to move forward.
  • I don’t feel His presence in my life.
I have to be less selfish with my time. I have to be intentional about slowing down, quieting down, and giving God His time. I’m betting there are times and situations when you don’t include God either. Don’t be selfish with your time. Don’t let what you want to do conflict with what God wants to do in and through you!
I’m learning…

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