I Hate Doing That!

I think everyone has a “Least Favorite Things To Do” List. The things on your list may be there because they’re hard or stenuous, but mine are there just because for some reason, I hate to do them. Here are a few items off of my “Least Favorite Things To Do” List:

  • Roll up the water hose…Don’t know why, but I hate to do it. Sometimes this even keeps me from washing my truck. Just to know I’ll have to roll the hose up when I’m done is enough for me not to start washing in the first place. (Yes, I know they have hose rollers, but that’s just as bad to me! :-)
  • Calling automated lines…I have a hard time deciding which numbers to push when I make my selection. If they are automated lines that want you to say stuff, forget it…they won’t understand me any way.
  • Taking the trash to the collection place…We don’t have a garbage man, so I have to do this myself. Don’t know why I hate this, but I let the trash bags pile up before I’m willing to load them in my truck and take them to the collection site (which is only about 2 miles from our house).
  • Folding clothes…I don’t mind washing them, but I hate folding them. So, in just 8 months of marriage, Melissa and I have it figured out…I wash, she folds!
What makes your list of “Least Favorite Things To Do”?

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