At 5 Months

Here’s a little look at Melissa and I after 5 months of being married…

>The love hasn’t done anything but grow since December 20th!

>I think the only surprise that we’ve had while living together is her being surprised at how much of a neat freak I really am!

>We created a spending budget in February and have stuck with it. It’s really helped us manage our money and probably avoided some arguments about spending.

>I still bring her flowers home from time to time.

>We still have our “date night” about every Friday. We try to go somewhere a little nicer (or Mexican :-) and spend the evening off the phone and together.

>I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. A few weeks ago, Melissa said she thinks I’ve become ADD since we got married, I told her I am just happier than I was before (that scored some points too I think).

>And, since I know someone’s wondering…we have great evenings playing with Bernard. :-)

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