Cheap Grace

I used to think that I could actually do something good enough for God to like me. For years I spent my time trying to perform for God as if He was keeping tally on a giant scoreboard in heaven. For years, I thought that if I could get polished enough, God would place me in front of everyone as His most prized trophy. Then, something happened…

Then I realized that I suck pretty bad. I realized that when I began comparing myself to God, I was never going to get enough points or get polished bright enough. I realized that I couldn’t earn God’s grace because it was much too precious to be earned. I realized, that God’s grace isn’t cheap!
I think Christians all across the world cheapen the grace of God by reducing it to a position they can earn or a status they can obtain. 
You see, I’ve come to a place in life where I realize that God’s grace is expensive, precious, and free all at the same time. It’s much to precious for me to obtain, much to pricey for me to earn, but free to me because of His love toward me. 
Don’t cheapen the grace of God! Don’t allow legalism to taint the love God has for you! Accept His grace and live in it! That’s all He wants from us!

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