Here’s the Deal

So, here’s the deal…

I spend about 8 hours a day thinking about helping others grow spiritually. Just today, I have to help the pastor with his upcoming series, create next month’s newsletter, do some planning and some writing for our upcoming family conference, do some follow up from the Egg Dump, prepare tomorrow night’s youth time, and get some other stuff done that I’ve been putting off.

I spend my days thinking of creative ways to help others grow spiritually. I spend my days praying for events and services. I spend my days equipping people for ministry. However, I’ve noticed that a lot of days, I don’t spend them growing closer to God personally.

I would wager (If I were a betting kinda person) that you don’t spend much time throughout your day working on your spriritual progress either. Truth is, it can be difficult to make time for it amongst all the other stuff on our to-do list.

My challenge to myself and to you today is to carve out some time to do work spiritually. Sure, you may have spent some time with God this morning, but He wants your attention all day. Find some time in your schedule to go for a walk and talk with God. Spend some time at lunch in prayer and the Bible. While you’re killing time surfing the web at work, use some of it to get the Word in you.

Make some time today to work on your spiritual journey. I have a feeling, the to-do list will be a little easier if we do!

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