Thoughts From Weekend

After a long, fun, tiring, and fulfilling weekend, here are some things I have on my mind and some highlights from the weekend…

-It’s great when the church is the church!

-I always love to see visions that God puts in my head become a reality!

-Thank You God that you allow me to do what I do!

-I love to see God prove people wrong. Some said that there was absolutely no way that we could pull off the Easter Egg Dump, but God did it!

-Some of my favorite times from the Egg Dump were people thanking us for allowing them to come…I was thinking, “Thank you for allowing us to love on you!”

-It seems like more people read the local newspaper than I figured!

-It amazes me that in the midst of hundreds being reached with the love of Christ, some that have that love still choose to sit on the sidelines and grumble about it!

-It’s great to have a wife that supports me and participates in the ministry that God has called us to!

-From Sunday Softball…It’s weird how you throw a little fun into the mix and people come to be a part. I’ll play softball every Sunday if it means that people see a little touch of Christ!

-Check the blog Tuesday afternoon for a video slideshow from the Egg Dump! (It will also be under the top tab “videos”)

I loved this! Very thought provoking! (click here)

-I am mentally and physically drained! Glad I’d planned to take tomorrow off!

-Baseball season has officially begun!!!

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