3 More Can’t Do’s

Yesterday, I gave 5 things that I’ve learned we can’t do and still lead the effective lives that God’s called us to lead. I had some great comments about that post, so I thought I would follow it up with 3 more…

1. Think that what we do wrong only hurts ourselves. What you do in private, that no one may know about, hurts those around you. Leaders, your private life matters to your professional life/ministry!

2. Give half-hearted effort. If you aren’t going to give your task all you’ve got, don’t even start!

3. Try to do life by ourselves. We are created for relationship! A relationship with God and others is how humans are created to live. Don’t try to do it by yourself. Let you guard down, break down the walls, and allow someone to share life with you! Leader, you’re lonely because you haven’t trusted anyone because everyone seems to let you down…you’ve gotta give someone a chance. Mother, talk to your husband one more time and try to get his emotional support! Children, talk to your parents about your struggles with peer pressure. We have to have each other!

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