My Pledge to You

I realize that I’m not the best blogger in the blogosphere. Some out there may be more candid and better writers. Still, others may be smarter and better. However, I do have a few things going for me on this internet journal type thing. Here is my pledge to you…the reader.

1. I will be as honest as possible. If I think something is ridiculous (ex: Snuggie) I will share my opinion of it. If I think something is a problem, I will address it.

2. I will not bash other people. Some people have blogs simply to bash other people. If I’m going to commit to pledge #1, I have to say…that’s nerdy and dumb. I won’t do that on here.

3. I will share personal things about my life. Many of you could care less because you just happened to stumble by looking for Jonathan Pearson the lawyer or the Jonathan Pearson born in 1813 in a place commonly known as New Hampshire. However, my wife and mom read this, so I will make it personal from time to time.

4. I will update regularly. It may not always be every day or even very good, but I will update the blog regularly.

5. I will try my best to hit the spell check button before I publish a post. I know it’s annoying to some to have misspelled words, so I will do that for you. For others of you, you can’t spell either so this pledge will never apply to you.

6. I will share things from my personal spiritual journey. I mess up a lot and maybe that will help you not. It gives you a chance to learn from someone else’s mistakes. The most important thing in my life is my relationship with Christ, so that’s what I find most suitable to write about most of the time. I will be honest and show my flaws…you can laugh at me, cry with me, pray for me, or pray for the people that put up with me.

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