We have heard it said that 20% of the people in most churches do 80% of the work. While that stat seems to be accurate and correct, we can’t forget about the 20% that do choose to invest in the ministry of the local church.

I think our tendency is to try to get more people involved in ministry as volunteers, while forgetting about the ones that already volunteer.

I’m so thankful that people are willing to give up their time and effort for the sake of ministry. It’s important that the church takes care of the ‘faithful few’ that do volunteer. It’s important that we equip, train, and motivate volunteers. It’s important that they realize that their hard work is important and does make a difference.

I’m thankful for the ones that volunteer in the ministry that I lead. I’m thankful that people are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel. I’m thankful for the faithful ones that use their gifts, talents, and time for the sake of Christ!

If you volunteer in the local church…thank you! Your time, energy, and obedience to the call of God is greatly appreciated and does make a difference! If you lead a team of volunteers, take some time to thank them for what they do! It doesn’t have to be flashy or cost a lot of money, a simple note can be a great encouragement!

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