Say Anything

If I could say 5 things to Christians, these would be them….

1. Tradition means nothing in the course of eternity. It doesn’t matter what we’ve always done or how we’ve always done it. What matters are the amount of eternities being changed. When tradition stops the progress of the Holy Spirit, it’s time to let go and do something new. Tradition has not, is not, and will not get anyone into heaven. Methods are never as important as the message…eternal life through Christ!

2. Do like your Creator and look at the heart. Too many people are interested in the outward appearance. I am guilty of looking at someone, making a judgment, and then treating them according to that judgment. God doesn’t look at our outside, He looks at the heart. We have to do the same. If outward appearance is our measuring stick, Jesus might not even meet our standards.

3. Numbers do matter. Every number is a life. Every life has a soul. God cares about souls.

4. Activity without vision is useless. Resources are wasted and volunteers are burned on programs and ministries that fail to move toward a God-given vision. Even if the program worked 10 years ago or 6 months ago, if it’s not effective, it is only a strain on the body.

5. Church attendance is important. I’m often startled at the people that say they love Christ, but don’t like going to church. That’s like telling Christ that He’s good, but His wife isn’t. That cannot and will not be the attitude of a growing Christian. The church was important to Christ, and must be important to us!

Now that I have that out of the way, what would you say to the church?

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