Looking At Potential

Most people have a tendency to write people off based on what they observe within the first few moments of meeting someone. We often fail to see the heart of people, their abilities, or their personalities. We also often fail to see other’s potential.

As a leader, I have to look at people and see their potential. I can’t look at the few things they do wrong and fail to realize all that they could do right. I can’t pay attention to people’s shortcomings and fail to see their potential.

I’m certainly not condoning haphazardly placing people in positions so that they fail. In fact, I’m saying just the opposite. As leaders, it’s our job to place people in a position to succeed. To help them develop their gifts and give them the resources to grow.

Look for other’s potential, not their flaws. You may just find someone for that position that you’ve been wanting to fill…

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