Why We Don’t Like Change

People don’t like change! We don’t like for our routine to be messed with and certainly don’t like to be stretched to do something that we’ve never done. Here are a few reasons why I believe people resist change…

Change is the opposite of comfort. Change means that we won’t know how to react to circumstances. Change means that we will be uncomfortable in our circumstances. Change destroys comfort in every situation.
Change destroys personal intervention. When something is being changed on us, we feel like things are out of our hands. It forces us to be out of control and beyond what we’re used to. Change makes us put our personal preferences aside and trust someone or something else with our circumstances.
Change is inevitable. We know things are going to change. We even know that certain things have to change in order for things to continue running smoothly. We just hate change when it comes. Our tendency becomes to resist what we know has to happen.
Do you like change? Why or why not? Do you resist change or dive into the unexpected?

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