Using My Momentum

I have been at Calvary for a little less than 4 months now. Since I’ve been there, I have been trying to institute a completely new idea of student ministry…family ministry. I believe in this concept and believe that it’s something that Calvary really needs to grasp and run with.

I have implemented this so quickly because I have momentum. Anytime a church gets a new staff member, that staff member has a lot of momentum for a while. The people are usually willing to buy into whatever the new staff member is pushing. It’s up to the minister to use this momentum to the fullest. To take advantage of the momentum and use it wisely. 
I’ve decided to use it to relay a new concept of ministry to the people. I could have used it in a lot of different ways, but I chose to do something that I see as a must for families. 
Do you have momentum? Are you coming off of a huge event in your life? Are you coming off a huge success in your career. Are you in a position to ride the wave of momentum from a new idea? Use it wisely and ride it as long as you can!

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