Why Believe In A God?

I saw this on the O’Reily Factor last night and started thinking… Why would this ad campaign be appealing? Here are some thoughts:

1) Because there is a lot of bad in the world and most blame it on God. It’s because of God’s sinful people, not Him.
2) Because the church has let the world down. We were told that it is our job to go into all the world and make disciples, we just forgot that it couldn’t be done if we didn’t GO!
3) Because the church has given people the wrong view of God. Sometimes, those people that don’t believe in God are more willing to be “good” than those of us that do. Most non-Christians say that Christianity isn’t appealing because of the hypocrites in the church. Couldn’t they be right? We need to start reflecting our redeemer!
4) Because ad campaigns like this cause controversy. Many times the church chooses to boycott or send letters when something happens like this, rather than loving people where they are. Times like this aren’t for us to be hateful, but to love the hateful!
Why do you think a humanist organization would launch this type of campaign?

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