Use What You Know

Intelligence must be accompanied by application. I know a lot of really smart people that know a lot more than I do. I know people that have increased their intelligence through schooling and I also know people that have increased their intelligence through life experiences. However, neither matters without application. Application is what makes intelligence useful.

Think about it…We have money but never use it. We have clothes but never wear them. We have food but never eat it. All of these things seem pretty ridiculous. Yet, when it comes to sheer intelligence, many people have it but don’t regularly use it.
It’s the same way with biblical knowledge. Some people have a lot of it, and some people have very little. Many times, I have to believe that God is more satisfied with the people that don’t have a vast biblical knowledge because they are at least applying what they do have.
This is certainly no excuse for us to remain ignorant. It’s no excuse for us not to seek out wisdom (Proverbs crushes that thought). It’s simply a call for us to use what we know. To put it into practice during our daily lives. To have a cognitive recognition of it and a spiritual. To be good stewards of the intelligence that’s been given to us. Most people think that we only use about 8% of our brain. However, we have to use 100% of our knowledge!

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