What You May Not Know (2)

Yesterday, I wrote some things that most people that are close to me probably don’t know.  In case you missed it, here it is.  I promised you some more, and I’m a man of my word… 

I have an addictive personality.  I tend to get on kicks.  I see something I like and I do it often.  I’m the same way with food.  I’ll eat something that I think is really good, and eat it as often as I can for a couple of weeks, then it’s on to something else.  For instance, right now I am really liking Arby’s.  A while ago it was CiCi’s, but that one really wasn’t good for the diet!   

It bugs me when 2 people sit at a 4 person booth at a fast food restaurant.  If there are plenty of 4 person booths available, it’s okay, but when the restaurant is busy, it drives me crazy.  If you have 4 people, you can’t sit at the smaller booths.  I at least think that they should move if they know someone needs it!

I talk to myself a lot.  I have always done this.  I guess it goes back to when I was little and I had an imaginary friend (his name was P.T.).  I always talked to him, and it’s translated into me talking to myself.  I sometimes wonder if I even do this when other people are around.

I am a really deep thinker.  I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  I think all the time, and not just about stupid stuff.  Sometimes I find myself not listening to other people because I’m too busy thinking.  I think this is one of the reasons I get tired so easy, my mind’s always running.  It’s also one of the reasons I like to blog.  It sometimes allows me to put what I’ve been thinking about into words.

I am somewhat of a perfectionist.  I critique everything I do.  I say that if you aren’t going to do something to the best of your ability, why do it?  If something doesn’t look right, why not fix it?  If something’s not the best it could be, fix it.  Sometimes this one drives Melissa crazy!  I think I might try to push my philosophy on her sometimes.  I also think that’s why I change the template on this blog so much.  I’ll find something that I don’t like about the look of it, and decide I have to fix it.

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