Leaders are learners. I’ve never seen myself as an “author.” I never saw myself publishing a book or writing an ebook. I have been blessed, though, to learn some things in my short life. I’ve […]



I love podcasts. As a leader and a follower of Jesus, I believe in growing in any way that is available and that I enjoy. Because of my love for listening to podcast and my […]



The Gospel spreads through the spoken word. I love the chance to speak in churches, universities, high schools, and anywhere else I can be useful. I hope the videos below encourage and challenge you.


4 Free Photo Sites for Blog and Design Use

If you’re a blogger, social media user, or hobbyist designer (I may have made that name up), you know how difficult it can be to find stock images. If you’re on a limited budget, it’s […]

A Personal Reflection of 2014

What a year! For everyone really. The news was filled with injustice and controversy. The world watched with anticipation on multiple occasions as news unfolded, great sporting events ended, and mid-term election results rolled in. For […]