You Probably Didn’t Know Evernote Could Do This

I love Evernote. Does it have it’s share of confusion and hiccups? Sure. However, Evernote is still my digital brain. It holds everything for me from preaching notes,…


These 3 Things Are On God’s Shoulders, Not A Leader’s

You can’t study leadership in the context of the Bible and not fall on the story of Moses. From his call until his death, he is leadership wisdom…


Why It Really Is Easier Said Than Done

We’ve all heard the saying, “That’s easier said than done.” One of the reasons sayings like that stick around so long is because they’re mostly true. The older…


My Process For Publishing New Blog Posts And Making Images

My personal blog has over 1,300 posts. Those posts have come over a long period of time. I started writing my first post on Blogger in September of…


Grasping Faith

I’ve been reading through the book of Romans. A few days ago, I read Romans 3. It’s the famous chapter (Romans 3:23) where Paul outlines heavily the only way…


Hope Of Future, Not Horror Of Past

Most people I know are really good at looking into the past. Seeing what’s happened in their life, seeing what they’ve accomplished, seeing how they’ve failed, remembering past…

God Has The Last Laugh


8 Great Social Media Apps to Boost Productivity

Buffer  Most people that have used social media a while know this one. You basically dump all of your tweets, retweets, and links into it and it schedules…


3 Reasons Millennials Aren’t Coming to Your Church

You do more “show” than service For the last decade or so, the church has sought to produce a show each and every week. The truth is that…


God Is At Work On The Other Side

Gen 41:9 Then the chief cupbearer said to Pharaoh, “Today I am reminded of my shortcomings. This is the part of the Joseph story after he’s left in…


2 Ways Creatives Can Finally Master Productivity

Since I’ve released The Productive Pastor Handbook, one of the common questions I hear is, “As a creative person, how can I become more productive.”


My Reading Workflow & How To Get Twitter Names In Feedly Retweets

I love reading short writings. From ebooks to blogs, they are perfect for my attention span and don’t require a large investment from me on the front in…