The Productive Pastor Handbook

productive pastor squareThe Productive Pastor Handbook is a book designed to help anyone, especially pastors, develop a system to manage all of the things they have to do. With paper work, meetings to lead, fires to put out, budgets to balance, and a host of other things, it can be really easy to run out of time to do the things that really matter… impacting people. This Ebook helps you organize your day and workflow to get more of the really important and eternal stuff done. Learn more here.

Next Up: 8 Shifts Great Young Leaders Make

nextupcoverMy first published book released in June of 2014 from Moody Publishers. This book is for anyone who’s ready to prepare themselves for the next phase of leadership. In the book, I outline 8 shifts we all (especially young leaders) need to make in order to take the next step in influence and leadership. You can can see more here, or order on Amazon here.

Next Up Podcast

The Next Up podcast is a monthly podcast dedicated to helping young people become more productive and better leaders. Each month, Dustin Bates and myself sit down and discuss topics related to living and leading in current times. You can subscribe here or by clicking the image below and listen here.

Daily Productivity Sheets

Like to still do your project planning and task management the old school way? These sheets will give you a template that you can copy each day. They’re based on the S.O.P. method that I outline in my productivity ebook (find it here) but will work for anyone. Download the task template and a free productivity toolbox here.


Echo Devotional

The Echo Devotional is a devotional ebook designed to renew and refresh your relationship with Jesus. It was released in 2013 as combination of blog posts and new, short devotionals. You can find out more about this free devotional here or download it directly here.

Millennial Matters

A short ebook about the urgency of the millennial generation to reach the world. This ebook was released in 2011. You can download it here and learn more about it here.