Next Up Podcast

The Next Up Podcast is a monthly podcast hosted by Jonathan Pearson and Dustin Bates.

Sometimes polished, sometimes just a couple of dudes talking about what they’re learning, the Next Up Podcast aims to start conversations and spark ideas for leaders. Each month we discuss topics and ideas that are important for young leaders that want to shift to areas of greater influence and make a greater impact on the people around them.

Here’s a list of recent episodes:

The I’s Don’t Have It (Episode 44)

You Are A Resource: Spiderman & Spandex (Ep. 42)

Be the Switch (Ep. 41)

Leadership Isn’t Fair (Episode 40)

Moving People From Doers to Owners (Episode 39)

Leadership Lessons We’re Currently Learning (Episode 38)

The Perspective Principle (Episode 37)

3 Things Great Leaders Do (Episode 36)

How to Let Your Challenges Change You (Episode 35)

3 Things That Stop Us Short of Our Goals (Episode 34)

The Power of Positivity in Leadership (Episode 33)

Questions Leaders Should Be Asking (Episode 32)

Ways to Lead a Young Family While Leading Others Too (Episode 31)