There are 8 key attitude and action shifts that every great leader makes.

nextupcoverFrom entitlement to honor.

From passive to passionate.

From unreliable to consistent.

Are you willing to make these and other key shifts and be ready when the “next up” call comes?

The Millennial Generation is poised to do something.

We have an opportunity to learn, grow, ask for help, and lead honorably into the future. Or…we also have the potential to passively wait, feeling entitled for the keys to eventually be given to us-but we can do better than that! Let’s take the initiative and rise to the challenge.

The future will be filled with leadership transitions at not only the highest levels in businesses, churches, and organizations all over the world, but also at regular, everyday places.

Who will be ready to lead existing movements, groups, and causes? Or who will be ready to start the new ones?

Using practical, biblical, and contemporary examples and lessons this book will help existing and burgeoning leaders pinpoint the areas of their lives where they still need to make the shift and learn to lead more effectively.

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What Others Are Saying

Passing the leadership baton is no easy task, but receiving it is an even more daunting responsibility. With practical yet profound wisdom, Jonathan Pearson gives young leaders such necessary tools to face this challenge and steward their influence with grace and excellence.
Pete Wilson
Pastor, Cross Point Church
Author, Plan B, Let Hope In and What Keeps You Up At Night?

Jonathan takes an exciting look into the unique qualities all young leaders should strive for. His creative perspectives will convict everyone to truly evaluate their leadership in a renewing way.
Jarrid Wilson
Blogger and Author, Jesus Swagger

The leadership tide is constantly changing, and Jonathan does a great job outlining what it’s going to take to lead as a next generation leader going forward. One of the big questions today is transitioning leadership from one generation to the next. Next Up meets that challenge head on with a practical plan you can put into practice!
Brad Lomenick
Strategic Advisor Ambassador and Founder, Catalyst
Author, The Catalyst Leader & H3 Leadership

As a young leader imagining the future of our organization, Next Up, has been a literal handbook.
Blaine Hogan
Creative Director, Willow Creek Community Church

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