Living without purpose isn’t really living at all.

Everyday, many Christians go to work, go to school, manage a family, and live life while failing to realize their true calling in life. The truth? We’re all here for a purpose. We were created intentionally, knit together, and placed in specific places and times to complete a calling that our Creator has on our lives.

How do we find that calling? How do we live for more than just today?

Surprisingly, we can still live our daily lives, but do so with more passion and vision than ever before. That’s what Moses found when he reluctantly accepted God’s call in Exodus. His burning bush experience would not only help him find his calling, it would change his life, the lives of the people around him, and the course of history.

Our calling could completely change everything.

It’s time to find it even while we maintain the responsibilities we already have. Let’s live for more. Let’s live with fire, passion, and purpose.