You Can’t Act on What You Refuse to Acknowledge

I hate having a headache!

I’m not a migraine sufferer where I get a headache and can’t shake it for days, but I do seem to get my share of nagging headaches that just don’t seem to go away on their own. Call it too much caffeine, Diet Mtn Dew, or not enough caffeine, but they seem to come the later in the day it gets.

In the evenings, when I have a headache, my wife, Melissa, can usually pick up on it. She’ll ask me, “Jonathan, do you have a headache?” Usually, my response is, “Nah, just tired.” She knows I have a headache as much as I do, so she usually follows that up with a second question that goes something like, “Have you taken anything?” This is really a setup to get me to lie, because she knows I probably haven’t because I usually don’t.

She knows that I may not even admit to having a headache because I know she’s gonna try to talk me into taking something and I hate taking medicine! When I choose to tell the truth and tell her I haven’t, she usually responds with, “Well, don’t complain then.” (she’s more compassionate that she sounds here) :)

As much as I hate to say it, she’s right. You see, like a lot of things in life, if I never admit to having a headache and never commit to taking anything, I’ll never experience change.

Did you get that? Because it’s about more than just a headache.

You can’t act on what you never acknowledge.
You can’t change what you won’t commit to acting on.

Not only that, but one of the things I’ve noticed is that, the longer I deny it, the less likely I am to do anything about it, no matter how badly I need to. Denial will never move us closer to doing something, it always moves us further.


What do you need to acknowledge so you can begin to act and change?

Maybe it’s your spending.
Maybe it’s your eating habits.
Maybe it’s your drinking habits.
Maybe it’s a medical situation.
Maybe it’s your job.
Maybe it’s your parenting technique.
Maybe it’s your faith.

You have to acknowledge. Don’t be fearful. Don’t worry about what “they” will say. The thing about “they” is that they aren’t the ones who are dealing with the consequences.

acknowledge – act – change

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