Stuck in the Median

I’m thankful for medians on the highway.

I know that sounds odd to be thankful for, but I really am. As an impatient person and an impatient driver, medians allow me to get out into traffic a little faster. They allow me to take the lanes one at a time when turning out of my driveway. They allow me to at least feel a feeling of progress when turning left on crowded roads.

The other day, I wasn’t quite as thankful for the median on a busy road.

I had turned left out of a local shopping center into the median of the road. What was supposed to be a temporary stop until traffic cleared the other way, became a parking spot for a good 3-5 minutes as I waited for traffic the other way to break enough for me to pull out. Since I’ve had a child, I’ve become a slightly more cautious driver. This particular day, he was in the back seat and I didn’t want to take any chances.

So I sat… and sat. Eventually, I turned.

A lot of us are stuck in the median in a lot of areas of our lives. We’re stuck in a holding pattern because we’ve failed to make a decision or clear space to move forward.

Maybe you know what decision you should make, you just haven’t made it.

Maybe you know you need to cut off a relationship, you just haven’t been able to do it.

Maybe you need to start saving money and cut expenses, but you haven’t made the necessary life adjustments.

Maybe you know you need to apologize in order to move forward, but pride is holding you back.

Maybe you need to forgive, but you haven’t humbled yourself enough to let it go.

The problem with being in the median? Not only are we wasting time, but we’re also burning fuel and resources. We’re letting it zap our energy and our ability to learn and move forward. The median causes us to come to a stand still when God has called us to a life of moving on.

What has you in the median? What do you need to do to move on ahead?

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