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I don’t know why I’ve been learning and thinking so much while doing laundry, but here comes another epiphany during laundry post to go along with this one.

Since moving and not carrying our washer and dryer with us a couple of months ago, I’ve been forced to go to the laundry room at our apartment complex to get the weekly chore of washing and drying laundry done. Since Melissa works most Fridays, I try to have the laundry done by the time she comes home so we can have our weekends without chores (yeah, I try to be a good hubby).

It’s kind of become my routine that on Fridays, after helping Melissa get out the door with Riley, I change into my workout clothes, grab our laundry basket, and head out the door. I’ve figured out that, since the laundry room is right by the gym, that I can put clothes in the washer, let them wash as I workout and then switch them to the dryer after my workout. This way, I’m not walking back and forth to our apartment as many times.

Last week, I saw a man walk through the gym on his way to the laundry room and then I saw him in the laundry room at the end of my workout. Making a little bit of small talk, the guy said, “You’re doing good. Working out while doing laundry. I should do that but I’m too lazy.”

After kind of laughing it off, I had this thought as I exited the laundry room…

What we accept, we’ll never alter.

In other words, this man has decided he is lazy and so he’s made no effort to change it. When he told me that, he didn’t have any tone of, “I wish I wasn’t lazy.” He just accepted it as true.

What we let grow will never die.

Whatever you’re accepting as truth, be sure that it is. We can think things like, “I’m lazy,” or “I’m stupid,” or “I’ll never be able to,” every once in a while… we all have bad days. The problem comes when we begin to just accept those things as fact and let them replay in our minds.

Think about it like this…

If someone was taking a hammer and hitting your thumb, you wouldn’t let them repeatedly do it. Eventually, your thumb would be blue, numb, and unsightly.

What we let continue will eventually become.

So, those lies that you are believing as fact. The things that you’re letting dominate your thoughts or habits…

Be sure they’re worth becoming or cut them off and starve them now.

Just something I’ve been learning.


What we accept, we'll never alter. Click To Tweet

What we let grow will never die. Click To Tweet

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