How I’m Praying for My Son

I’m not a seasoned parent.
I can’t offer tons of advice on discipline or how to raise a godly child.
But, I am is a praying parent.

Since before my son was born premature and spent weeks in the NCU, I’ve been praying on his behalf. Standing on the wall for his health and his soul. I’ve prayed many different prayers over the last 2+ years and I’m sure they’ll change greatly as he enters school, high school, and beyond (God help us!).

However, I’ve always kind of prayed for 4 key areas of his life. I believe I’ll always come to God around these areas. They’re things I want for him and things I want him to be. Maybe they’ll help you as you pray for your children as well…


It’s natural for a parent to want to pray for their children’s health. It’s something we can see and something we know impacts their quality of life. Riley has had a few health issues along the way, but it feels like praying for his health has always at least put those issues in perspective for me and moved heaven on his behalf as well.


Think of joy (they had to all start with an ‘h’ after all ). I want my son to be filled with the joy of the Lord. To have the joy that comes from somewhere deep down and isn’t dependent upon life’s happenings or things going his way. Now, he’s only 2 1/2, so he’s generally joyful, but I pray for his future happiness. I pray that joy would be something he feels and gives.


Beyond having a relationship with Jesus (I pray that everyday too), I want my son to seek holiness. To be set apart for more than the world is going to try to tell him he is. I want him to be filled with the Spirit and be in a continuous place of hearing the Spirit and following it. I want him to stand apart in this world while being socially able to keep up.


The last shall be first. I try to practice that, and I pray he does too. That he’d be helpful to the people around him. I pray he’d be a servant as he leads. I pray that he would have compassion on the lost, the cast down, the cast out, and the lonely. Let him be helpful to his wife, family, and work. Let his servant attitude make him a leader of leaders.

Those are my prayer categories I guess you’d say. I’m not the perfect parent, but I am a praying one. I hope you are as well.


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