For the last few weeks, I’ve been spent. By spent, I don’t mean that I’m not getting any sleep or I haven’t had the chance to step back or anything.

By spent, I mean
I’m out of gas,
Having trouble filling back up,
Experiencing a dry season spiritually,
on the verge of being physically sick,
emotionally dry.

The older I get and the more I learn, I’m figuring out that life is made up of seasons. Sometimes it’s spring, and sometimes it’s a summer draught.

The key is to begin to recognize those seasons and know that they do change and the Spring is usually just around the corner.

Sometimes, seasons are caused by spiritual attack.
Sometimes, seasons are a blessing from God.
Sometimes, seasons are due to life’s demands.
Usually, seasons are all of those.


that to say that we can’t plant in the winter and expect it to sprout right away.
We shouldn’t waste the spring by staying inside.
We can’t build a sandcastle at high tide and expect it to stand.
We can’t go outside in a coat in the summer and expect not to sweat.

Know the season. Recognize it. Act accordingly. Plant always. Reap when at all possible


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